Gentle Park is a creative and exceptional fashion house in Bangladesh since 19th September, 2006. It is born to bring a conspicuous newness in fashion for the young to help them keep pace with the ever-changing fashion wave across the globe. Gentle Park produces all sorts of fashionable men, women & kids as well as essential accessories. It has been leading the fashion trend of the youths in the country for many years.

Meanwhile, Gentle Park has become a popular brand icon in fashion with the urban youngsters. We always hold a different outlook on fashion. We always keep in mind that fashion has been a strong passion of new generations. So we continuously try to inspire this passion. We also believe in creating new things in the realm of fashion. We maintain modernism in fashion but don’t forget to value of our fashion tradition. Gentle Park maintains both local and western fashion trends in its products. Here, we upgrade the quality of products but keep the price within the means of the customers.

Gentle Park dreams to be an international brand icon in the domain of fashion. Therefore, it is trying to extend its business area to fulfill the rising demands of its products.